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About the Programs

Up Close And Musical is a not-for-profit organization sponsoring chamber orchestra educational presentations in the Denver area. The program emphasizes string instruments and spotlights all instruments of the symphony orchestra. A typical live concert will involve a woodwind soloist, a brass soloist, various string soloists, and string orchestra repertoire; a total of 15 musicians usually perform. Since its founding in 1988, UCAM has given live performances for more than 150,000 young people and adults. The ensemble has toured the state of Colorado on four different occasions, sponsored by the NEA and Public Service Company of Colorado. Up Close and Musical is proud to present the timeless string orchestra repertoire of the baroque and classical eras. The ensemble also regularly features contemporary American compositions, many created especially for UCAM’s distinctive programs.

Once Upon A Time is a story-telling program which visits Colorado schools under the auspices of the Colorado Symphony Education Department. It is designed to enhance the language skills of early grade school students, while providing a very high-quality musical performance experience. Each program features at least one age-appropriate story, told with complementary musical accompaniment. The length of the program is variable, depending on the age of the audience. Performances also include excerpts from classical chamber music works (trios, quartets), as well as adaptations of popular pieces. For example, a recent program contained an excerpt from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, arranged for glockenspiel, violin, clarinet and cello. The Once Upon A Time ensemble (usually four musicians and a story-teller) typically includes a percussionist, who introduces audiences to many symphonic percussion instruments.

Petite Musique is a program designed for pre-school children, ages 0-5, and their parents. The ensemble, which represents all instrument families, consists of clarinet/bass clarinet (double), trombone, percussion and string orchestra, plus story-teller/narrator (17 or so participants). Performances feature a story-piece, short classical selections and traditional sing-along and dance-along segments. This ensemble performs in various smaller venues in the Denver area.